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Wahsega 4-H Center: Environmental Education

Fall 2017 EE Staff

Spring 2016 Environmental Education Staff
Fall 2017 Environmental Educators.


Wahsega Enviromental Education Jacob Stark

Hello! I'm Jacob and I'm so excited to be working at Wahsega. I’m from North Carolina and graduated from UNC Chapel Hill with a degree in Biology in 2014. This is my first year in Georgia, but I’ve spent several years as an environmental educator in California and many more teaching nature as a Boy Scout. I love all things scaly and slimy, particularly snakes and salamanders and can’t wait to find all sorts of cool creatures with the students!


Wahsega Enviromental Education Aaron Trimble

Greetings! I graduated from the University of Georgia with a degree in Wildlife Science in May 2017. This will be my first season as an environmental educator. During my time in college I focused on studying reptiles, amphibians and restoration ecology. I enjoy hiking, reading, drawing, watching horror movies, Pokémon games, and looking for various critters outside. I look forward to sharing the outdoor experience with you all!



Wahsega Enviromental Education Cassandra Waldrop

Cassandra developed her love of the outdoors as a child, spending most of her time catching frogs and playing in the forests and creeks around her parents home in Fayette county, Georgia. This love of the outdoors would inspire her to obtain a B.S. from the University of Georgia with a major in Wildlife and Fisheries Sciences and a second in Natural Resources Recreation and Tourism. She has spent time working with different wildlife species including endangered Wood Bison in Southern Alaska, bottle-nosed dolphins on the Georgia coast and Louisiana waterthrush in The Great Smoky Mountains National Park. Cassandra is very enthusiastic about environmental education and has spent the last year and a half working as a naturalist on Little Saint Simons Island. When she’s not working she loves to go looking for reptiles and amphibians, birding, and hiking.  


Wahsega Enviromental Education Gabie Phillips

I am thrilled to be a part of your educational experience at Wahsega! My love for nature and the outdoor is potent so be careful how close you get or you might catch this fever! The mountains are such a lovely place for me to be and I have had the pleasure of exploring four major mountain ranges around the world: the Andes, the Himalayas, the Rockies and the Appalachians. My education is in environmental science and policy, obtaining my degree from the University of Maryland. I tend to be as curious as that monkey George and like to spend my time adventuring, cooking, gardening and crafting. I am looking forward to a great season teaching you all I know about the environment. I hope we have a blast learning and exploring together.



Wahsega Enviromental Education Jennifer Kellerman

Hi! My name is Jennifer Kellerman and I am from San Diego, California. I received my Bachelor's degree in Wildlife Management and Conservation from Humboldt State University. I have spent the last year and a half surveying owls and fishers (a small forest carnivore). I love the outdoors and am excited to teach and inspire students to care about the environment!



Wahsega Enviromental Education Jessica Medina

Hi! My name is Jessica. I'm from California and have a Bachelors degree in Wildlife Ecology and Conservation. I've worked with owls, reptiles, amphibians, and many song birds. I love to spend my time outdoors hiking, running, riding my bike, or just taking a stroll. I also enjoy reading and cracking puzzles, especially number puzzles. This will be my first time as an Environmental Educator and I could not be more excited!



Callie SimmonsJess Kaplan

My name is Jess Kaplan and I graduated from Boston University where I studied biology with a concentration in ecology and conservation biology. I'm originally from Pittsburgh, PA but I love traveling to unfamiliar ecosystems and meeting new people. I've worked at summer camps in the past and am really looking forward to my first season as an environmental educator at Wahsega. Fun fact: My favorite animal is an octopus.