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Wahsega 4-H Center

Summer Camps

Georgia 4-H summer camp provides 4-H youth experiences in understanding and navigating group dynamics, self-discovery, relationship building, practicing healthy personal habits, and appreciation of the environment.

2017 Georgia 4-H Programs

Military Teen Adventure Camps

Registration for camps funded by the Military Teen Adventure Camp program led by Purdue University is not currently available.  We are not permitted to actively share information until Purdue and the Office of Secretary of Defense approves all camps for promotion.  In past years, this has been in March or April.  Our website continues to be updated and some of the information may be available (such as dates) even before registration officially opens at

Master 4-H Camp

Only Ward Creek has been running through Wahsega longer than the Master 4-H Club. Come enjoy the 67th annual Master 4-H Camp July 14-16, 2017 with your friends and family.

Email to 4-H Campers

Send an email to Wahsega 4-H Center for your child. You will need a password provided by the 4-H office in your county. Go here for a directory of county offices.

Summer Camp Counselors

Wahsega Bears for the summer of 2017 (coming soon).